Office de tourisme d'Yvoire - Pays du Léman
Flowers History in Yvoire medieval city

Yvoire has known how to turn its position close to the Franco-suisse border to its advantage and from the 1950s there has been a new development of tourism and flowers.
Yvoire received its first prize in the national competition for the best kept villages in 1959 and the rewards followed over the years. Now ranked as “Four Flowers”, the village represented France in 2002 at the European level and received the International Trophy for Landscape and Horticulture.
Yvoire has been part of the [b)association of the Most Beautiful Villages of France for the last 20 years and has many visitors and admirers at the height of the season summer.
However, there are also those who prefer the quieter moments when golden leaves are reflected in the calm, silvery waters or even the winter when the north-easterly wind whistles around the walls and fringes the lake shore with ice.
Office de tourisme d'Yvoire - Pays du Léman
Office de tourisme d'Yvoire - Pays du Léman Yvoire tourism office Yvoire tourism office